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DX Engineering - DXE-TCS-1:
Boom Truss Support Bracket. Mast mount bracket; aligns boom support with boom.
Never used. Retail $23.50.....  F/S $10.00 +S/H
Double Braided Dacron Rope 5/16":
Almost full 100 foot spool of rope.
Retail $28.99.....  F/S $10.00 +S/H
Boom - Element Clamps:
Pair of clamps as shown. Mounts a 3" boom to minimum of 1.5" diamter elements.
Cubex Quad(s):
2 element, or 4 element complete quad antennas (except for wire). Search ad.  One piece cast spiders for 3 inch boom. Heavy duty one piece spreaders. Boom and mast plate included. 
Belden 9880 50 ohm Coax:
(Yellow) The loss/ft. is a bit better than RG-213.
The 9880
loss - 1.7 dB at 100 feet @ 100 Mhz vs.
RG-213 is 1.9 dB.
Heavy duty mast:
available. 2"  O.D, and 12 feet long.
Unified Microsystems BCD-10:
Automatic band decoder board to delect antennas or filters based on rig or computer output. Includes User Manual $15.00

Yaesu MH67-A8J microphone:
Yaesu 8 pin RJ45 microphone with metal mic. clip. Brand new, never used. Works great with FT-450 radio. $25.00

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