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File Recordings:
The VU7RG recording was supplied to me by the DXpedition.
It was a brief (15 min.) 80M Grayline opening.

FT5ZM has an amazing signal on 160 meters. I worked them about 10 minutes before starting this recording. (They were unreadable on my transmit antenna.)
My last country (#340)VK0EK caught me off guard so no recording.
I was able to capture my second to last needed -  XZ1J

Pursuing 5BWAZ, I worked  XW4ZW on 80M lonpath for #198.
Since then I have worked BG2AUE for #199, and JT5DX for #200!
Operating in the ARRL DX contest as VP5H ,this is the first appearance on 15M.

After the ARRL contest  VP5/WA0MHJ, working some 30M CW.
 15M CW with a +20dB signal,  3C0L ,is CW country # 335. (3C0AN QSO was too old for mode award.)

Nice signal 15 minutes before sunset,  SM3EVR , on 160M.
 T30GC signal on 160 meter CW on 10/12/19.Glenn  - W0GJ at the helm of HK0NA on 80M SSB on 1/24/12.

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