Amateur Radio - WAØMHJ


Station Information

QTH: Ham Lake, Minnesota                  Anoka County                            Grid Locator EN35kg

Primary Operating Position:  
Yaesu FT-920 with International Radio INRAD filter switchboard  with cascaded 2100 Hz and 1800 Hz filters.
QRO  HF-2500DX Amplifier.
Heil Pro-Set 4 Headphones, (or an Astatic  D-104 microphone with the AMP-MICRO modification). Bencher BY-1paddle

Secondary Operating Position:  
Yaesu FT-450AT transceiver. (This is also the mobile rig)
Timewave Navigator
Heathkit SB-220 modified for QSK operation.
Heil Traveler, or Heil BM-10 Headphones

100 foot Rohn 45 tower with 24 foot Chromoly mast turned by Orion M2 2800 rotor.
KLM KT-36XA @ 30M / Cushcraft 402-CD @ 32M Concern over interaction between the antennas proved to not be an issue with the 7' separation. Shown are the measured SWR curves for both antennas after in place.
The 402-CD antenna was strengthened per the article first published in Nov. 1991. It is reprinted at 

40M - 402-CD   

20M - KT36XA

15M - KT36XA


80 Meter sloping dipoles
Butternut HF2-V vertical with elevated radial system 
40M - HF2-V

80M - HF2-V

Homebrew 30M vertical with elevated radial system 
KLM 50-7LD, 7 element Six meter antenna @ 7M
160 meters - 3 wire-shunt feed tower. 
Shunt-C / Series-C match system with remote tune vacuum variable. Details here 


General logging using DX4WIN software. N1MM+ for contesting.

Click on the thumbnails below for station pictures.

Primary Station
(see description above)
2nd Station
(see description above)
(see description above)
Mid 1990's Antenna
(4 el. Cubex Quad)
 Mid 1990's Station
(Drake C-line)
  1971 Station
(Galaxy 5MK3, & other.)
1971 Antenna
(4 el Hombrew 20M)
Primary Station Station2.JPG (1774836 bytes) Newantenna.jpg (2207508 bytes)
 Newantenna.jpg (2207508 bytes)
OldStation.jpg (2207508 bytes)Galaxy5MK34 elemnt 20M       

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